Ada Sinke (1954) is a typical "latebloomer" as a visual artist. Around the age of 45 she combined a busy job as sociologist with "De Kleine Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten" in Amsterdam. After that she choose to train as an Draw Therapist, in stead of an Art Academie, and followed various painting classes as well. She also taught drawing lessons in which the participants discovered their own creativity with great pleasure.

The landscapes of her many hikingtrips at home and abroad are her source of inspiration. The impressions conjures she up to a very own serene ambience. Mostly with Acryl on canvas. Sometimes with Acryl on panel, Pastel or Indian Ink on paper, natural 'Objet trouvé ' or Mixed-media Sculptures. Subtile, colourful, recognizable and yet not.